Formlogic Partners with DMG Mori and GROB Systems

Stephen Birdsong
Stephen Birdsong

DMG Mori and Grob Systems have agreed to provide Formlogic with strategic equipment financing, giving us the very best machines for making precision aerospace parts. 

Formlogic will reshape the market for machine tools, just as Amazon AWS has reshaped the market for computer servers. Autonomous operation will transform machine tools into a cloud service.

Formlogic’s technology has automated the intricate hands-on work at the machine, allowing expert machinists to work remotely. The result is a 10x increase in machinist productivity and our factories can be located anywhere that high-end precision components are needed.

Both vendors see the machinist shortage as a constraint on their business, customers tell them “I'd buy another machine if it came with an operator!”. With Formlogic’s cloud manufacturing, skilled machine tool operators are no longer the bottleneck.

Formlogic has been manufacturing high-precision parts for space and other frontier technology companies, with great reception from customers. “You can’t beat the lead times of Formlogic’s lights-out manufacturing.” said the Head of Supply Chain for Major Rocket Manufacturer. These partnerships unlock unlimited scaling potential as we open our first large-scale factory.

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