Our New Factory

Paul Sutter
Paul Sutter

We’re expanding operations with a new factory thanks to our Series A led by Two Sigma Ventures and our partnerships with DMG Mori and Grob Systems.

We’ve customized the new facility for aerospace precision manufacturing: 18” concrete slabs, heavy duty cooling, thousands of amps of three-phase power, and 50,000 square feet of expansion.

The new factory also houses our autonomy R&D. Located in Pittsburgh’s robotics row, it is steps away from the CMU National Robotics Engineering Center and several major self-driving technology companies.  I’m very impressed with the machine learning and robotics engineering here. This is the perfect location to recruit top talent.

Our technology has profound implications for not just how, but where manufacturing happens. We leverage remote experts to set up jobs for autonomous processing, and are no longer dependent upon a local pool of skilled machinists. Our future factories can be located anywhere that high-end precision components are needed, at scale. Formlogic’s automation will transform this $300B industry.

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